Disney With Toddlers: Exploring Animal Kingdom (Part 2)

My family visited Walt Disney Wold in April 2014. When we visited Disney, our daughter was 17 months old, and our son was one month shy of his 3rd birthday. We hope this blog series will help other families with toddlers have a great experience at Disney!

In case you missed it, read Part One first! After we left the Nemo Musical, we decided to do a little exploring.

animalkingdom11 animalkingdom12

Little Miss was sound asleep in the stroller, but the Mini Athlete loved seeing all the animals. And Amma loved holding hands with her little exploring buddy.


About this time, we realized there would be a parade soon. Animal Kingdom does their parade around 3:30pm and it’s great to claim your real estate along the parade route early – especially if you want shade and a front row seat! (Note: The parade route at Animal Kingdom was not NEARLY as crowded as it was at Magic Kingdom the next day, but it’s still nice to have a great spot!)

animalkingdom14 animalkingdom15 animalkingdom16 animalkingdom17



We did a little more wandering around and absolutely loved the park. One of the best things The Baby Care Center!

This is SERIOUSLY the best kept secret at Disney. Each park has a Baby Care Center where park guests can take care of their little ones. Need to change a diaper? Need to heat up a bottle? Need to nurse? Need to just cool down? Find the Baby Care Center!


Forget something? No worries! You can find it in the Baby Care Center (for a Disney price, I’m sure). But it’s nice to know it’s there!


Just want to cool off for a while? Want to eat a snack? This room was awesome! There was always a movie playing – Disney of course.


And just look at the awesome changing tables! So much better than using one of the regular restrooms.


A few other random suggestions:

1) Pack a change of clothes for each child – in a Ziploc Bag. If your child has an accident and you need to change their clothes, you’ll be really happy you have a place to put the dirty clothes.

2) Bring your own water bottles. You can fill them up for free at the water fountains instead of paying for each bottle.

3) Don’t overstay your visit. When your kids are done – leave. It’s not worth it to fight for another hour or two. Keep the magical memory a happy one.

4) Pack snacks. Trust me. You’ll want them and so will your kids. We brought a backpack that had several compartments – perfect for a lunch box, diaper bag and suitcase all in one. 🙂

5) Go at your kids’ pace. Take it easy, enjoy the day. Celebrate the little things.

6) Get a “First Visit” celebration button – they’re free! We had thought about picking up the button at Guest Relations at the park when we arrived but the line was SOOO long. We were leaving the park and – guess what? No line! We stopped in to get the button and got an even better surprise. Meghan, who was working behind the counter, saw my husband pick up one of our kids and she said, “Are those the little athletes??” I love meeting blog readers in random places! Hi Meghan! 🙂


7) Bring your own souvenirs. There are SOOO many fun things to buy at Disney, but it quickly adds up. If your child gets the “gimme’s”, it can make for a really long day. I rounded up all the Disney-themed items we owned and brought them with us – and picked up a few new ones on clearance at Target and other places to surprise the kids with at the parks. Trust me – you can find the same things MUCH cheaper outside the parks!


What are your best tips for visiting Disney with little ones? 









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2 Responses to Disney With Toddlers: Exploring Animal Kingdom (Part 2)

  1. The tip about purchasing little toys at Target is genius! Disney is excessively expensive and purchasing tiny gifts all over the park can be super pricey – perfect solution!

  2. I’ve been once to Animal Kingdom once (running through it does not count) and so I vaguely remember the parade.

    Love the photos of your k ids!!

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