Meeting Famous People on a Monday Night

I live in a small town where people often complain that there is nothing to do. Tonight is proof that they are WRONG. Or tonight they were at least. 🙂

I mentioned yesterday that our local Daquiri Deck is doing a 5k every Monday night at 6:15pm. If you complete the 5k, you get a certificate for a free draft, daquiri or smoothie. We went as a family tonight and had to wait a little while as a Florida thunderstorm passed through. But the cool breezes after the storm were worth it! My husband set off at a quick pace while I hung back with the Mini Athlete who wanted to run.



And oh can that boy run. He covered about a mile tonight – smiling the whole way. He definitely has his Daddy’s natural athlete abilities!

We headed back to the finish line in time to cheer the runners to the finish line and watch Daddy come in first place – again!


I can’t help but wonder how fast he would be if actually trained. He won pretty easily tonight, but we’ll see if the competition increases as the event grows each week. A great group of people came out tonight (despite the storm) – including this amazing lady, Janet Oberholtzer.


When you show up to a running group, you don’t expect someone to be there whose leg looks like this. And inevitably, your curiosity is piqued. I love that Janet made it easy to ask about her story by putting her website on her outfit.



She shared with me that she was in a horrific accident a few years ago – a six vehicle accident where the other five vehicles were semi trucks. She came very close to losing her leg (and, quite frankly, her life) but made it through her recovery. She shared that she originally felt self-conscious about her new appearance, but came to the realization that we only have one life – it’s time to live it. And so she started running again – because she can.

She has run several half marathons since her accident, and ran the New York City marathon this past fall to raise money for IM ABLE. She has also written a book and is an accomplished speaker.


Check out her story on her website – I’m so excited to get to know this incredible woman more at our upcoming Daquiri Deck 5ks!

After the race, we headed on down the street and met this legend at a local restaurant called “Made in Italy” – AMAZING!


As you know, my husband and I are huge sports fans and as a graduate of the University of North Carolina, there is something pretty special about college basketball season. I love that my kiddos got to meet Dick Vitale – I’m pretty sure the Mini Athlete recognized his voice from the many college bball games we watch. He was so sweet and even gave Patrick an autographed copy of his book.

Now THAT’s what I call a good Monday night!

Have you ever randomly met someone famous? When? Where?






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3 Responses to Meeting Famous People on a Monday Night

  1. What an inspirational story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ara

    I haven’t really sat down and had a candid conversation with anybody famous, but about 10 yrs ago, I was working at one of the ski resorts up in Park City, UT where they have the Sundance Film Festival. I got to talk on the phone to Montel Williams, Alec Baldwin and a couple other folks. It was kind of fun.

  3. Denise

    Wonderful evening! I recently started following Janet and thinks she’s great! LOVE the look on your son’s face looking at Dicky V….priceless 🙂

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